Medium (22 photos in 11 pockets) - PACK OF 3



Our medium size Picture Pocket for when you have a little less hanging space - these inexpensive photo holders display pictures in a way that allows for, and even inspires, frequent changes.

No removing the backs of frames and affixing photos just so. No delicate handling involving glass. Instead, a collection of pockets into which even young children can place their favorite photos - and change them - over and over again. Perfect for show-and-tell, for a child's very own photo collection, for children in the hospital, for nursing homes, for nurseries, kitchens and bedrooms and for every room in the house.

"where there is a little less room to hang..."
Takes std photos 4"x 6" (10cm x 15cm)
22 photos in 11 pockets
Dimensions when unpacked: 13.5" x 25" (34cm x 64cm)
Weight: 126g
(Ages: All Ages.)



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