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Customer Reviews for Picture Pockets

As someone who seems to move house every 30 seconds, this is the quickest, cheapest and best way to make the next new place look like home. Less faff than photo frames and cheap as chips - bonus!
Suse, Cheltenham

My friend and I bought this for a friend for her birthday just before she went to University. We filled it with photos of the 3 of us and she was really happy to receive it! It's double sided so once she got bored of one side of pictures she can turn it over and see different ones. We thought it was a great present for her especially as she was going away to university. She has no excuse for forgetting us!
Sarah K, Manchester

I gave these little 'gadgets' to my mum for christmas. She really loved them and we currently have them hanging in the kitchen with all our New Zealand holiday snaps! Excellent buy!
Jack C., Bristol

This is helping my twin boys identify and learn words - especially the names of family we don't see very often. They love looking at the pictures and telling me what they want to do.


My 2yr old now has a place to look at all the pictures of friends and family without ruining the family photo album.

LH Blackley

While I have plenty of uses for this product in my home (the kids love to walk by and see themselves and their loved ones), I bought four of them to hang in a common area in our church. We use them as a "real time" scrapbook of what's happening in our congregation. Anyone can take pictures of events and we rotate pictures in and out. To say that it has been successful is an understatement. People are always standing at the wall where they are hanging and looking at them! I mention this to perhaps stimulate some other creative ideas you might have for places and spaces that this product would be useful. We love it!


We use it in our playroom. We use the pics we get in Christmas cards every year, along w/ a couple of our family. The kids love it.


The "Picture Pockets" is so neat! The sleeves are easy to slip pictures into. My 2 1/2 year old daughter picked all of the pictures herself and it is hanging on her door with a plastic hook. She often points to the pictures and explains who is in the picture and we relive the fun memories. I bought one today because my mom loves ours so much that she wants one. 
Cool Idea and Kid Friendly


I created a fantastic feature wall in our kitchen by removing the white border at the top of the picture pockets and then mounting 6 of them with blue tac on a red painted wall. We now have a rotating display of 120 photos of family and friends which everyone loves looking at.

Lisa Williams

These Picture Pockets make wonderful graduation gifts! College students have limited space for pictures and hanging things up on the wall can be difficult. These are very light weight and can be double sided!


This is an awesome substitute for picture frames.


I love our Picture Pockets--and so does everyone else who sees them. I'll be buying more for my whole family, and one for my friend who's expecting. They're a wonderful way to display photos easily (and out of reach of our 11-month old, who likes to take picture frams apart!)


The Picture Pockets are fantastic - and not just for pictures. I use mine to display concert tickets, particularly my signed ones, postcards from exotic places and other bits and pieces far too pretty to be in a box under the bed. I display them as bathroom art - keeps the guests entertained so they don't rifle your medicine cabinet/steal loo roll! ;)" My kids want their photos in every day....nag nag nag .......bless them ....

Annie Fields

Love this product. We live away from all of our family and this is a great way to keep my little ones up on who is who. Plus they love putting pictures of friends in them too. They look at it everyday and tell me who everyone is and what they were doing in the picture. This is a great product and an excellent wall decoration for a kids room!!!


This makes a unique and great gift for anyone. Fill it with photos and wrap it up! Memories for a lifetime. We filled it with photos of friends for a good-bye gift for a friend who was moving away.

Michelle Danbury, CT

I have bought three picture pockets so far. One is hanging in my daughter's nursery school so parents can add photos of the kids taken at school and field trips etc. My 18mo. son loves to point out people he knows on the one we have hanging at eye level in our kitchen... It really is great for kids!


My daughter loves to look at pictures, but is too young to be trusted with looking at our family scrapbook. Picture Pockets has made it possible for her to enjoy looking at pictures without the pictures getting damaged. It is also nice because you can update the pictures!


I LOVE the picture pockets. It is so easy to update with new pictures. I can never have enough photos of my kids & I don't have to buy a bunch of expensive frames to display them. Everyone who comes to visit spends time looking at the pictures & they love to see pictures of themselves with the kids. I also put some flowers that my daughter picked for me in one of the pockets & they dried nicely.They are a fun reminder of my sweet little girl's smiling face when she handed them to me.


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Customer Reviews for the Ergolife Chair

Used them all last year at the outdoor firework concerts in London... solid... will last for years... felt so smug... back support to die for... felt sorry for all those guys just with the rugs... will be buying more - thanks!
Terry S, London

I had to contact Ergolife and ask for some leaflets after taking them to Holland last year! I lost count of the number of people who approached us on the beach wanting details and to try them out! Light enough to carry in your bag, strong enough to take a 'hunky' man and comfortable enough to doze in... should be on everybody's car boot!
Peter, London

I suffer from severe back pain and was hoping these would live up to expectations. They do! You can take them anywhere, you can even use them with normal chairs for extra support and they do exactly what they say on the tin! Everyone who's had a go sitting on the Ergolife chair has wanted to know where I got it, so watch out for loads of orders. Thanks! 
Beverley S, Huddersfield

Got one of these for my dad and his beach laziness. Only turned out he's been looking for one for ages. Used it once and hasnt stopped. Picnic benches, beaches, fields, gardens and even once on the golf course. Fantastic. Plus the wrapping was brilliant. Take a bow!
Ben Fox, Oldham, UK

This is a godsend, used last year at classical concert at Leeds Castle. They are so comfortable and really support the back, lightweight and easy to carry around. I lost count of the number of people asking where they could buy one.
Deb P, Gillingham 

"As a special school, our staff spend many hours working with pupils whilst sitting on the floor. Your Ergolife Portable Chairs are truly back saving...."
Kath Jeffries, Deputy Head, The Lyndale School



I received my ergolife stol today after ordering on Monday which is a great service. Just wanted to say thanks and what a great product it is! I can't believe how comfy and strong and well made it is. Just the job for festivals with the carry bag to throw it over your shoulder.


Thanks again for great service. If anyone asks me where I got it from I'll send them in your direction.




Liz (R)



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PRESS UK - examples

The Sunday Times Newspaper - “The Swedish designer Ergolife has taken the humble folding chair and turned it into something stylish, tough and, above all, comfortable…”


Time Out London – Tried and Tested “…hey presto, instant support … the Swedes to deliver another brilliant idea in birch…..essential spectator gear”


Gardens Illustrated – “…with the elegance and simplicity typical of Swedish design ……the perfect grab–it-and-go furniture for picnics, garden shows and outdoor concerts”


Saga Magazine – The G Spot Product of the Month – (full 1 page editorial) – “  ..the ingenious Ergolife Stol is a stylish portable seat, without legs that suits any surface.  Birch slats ensure upper and lower back support, regardless of body size……..”


Sesame (Open University) – “ …this innovative portable chair …the solution for anyone studying on the move….ideal for students who tend to take their books everywhere with them…this can make studying comfortable anywhere….”


Telegraph Newspaper - Travel (full page article on relieving air travel stress – re Lugnet) – “….nervous fliers can take out their anxiety on this. So soft and squidgy that squeezing becomes compulsive, it fits discretely in the palm of the hand.”


Motor Boat & Yachting -  “…you have to hand it to the Swedes ….they can’t be beaten when it comes to no nonsense, practical bits of furniture….supports the contours of your back therapeutically ….can be used just about any place …on that bench seat at the back of the cockpit.


Furniture News – “….the Stol Chair has won many awards for its design, comfort and mobility …elegantly boxed”




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