Hospital Pockets (18 Cards in 7 pockets) PACK OF 3



Holds 16-18 “Get Well Soon” greetings cards in a neat Picture Pocket in 7 pvc pockets.

Cards are kept clean, neat and undamaged, continually on display, and are easily interchangeable.

A neat solution for Hospitals where the bedside table is generally small and cannot accommodate many cards.

Nurses can spend their time doing their job rather than spending hours picking up cards which have fallen on the floor…. No more sellotape and blu-tac on hospital walls.

Can be hung from a pin on the wall, or from the bed curtain rail, bedside cabinet, back of a door etc.

Helps patient recovery by continually being reminded of good wishes from family and friends.

"to hang up your get well cards at home or in hospital..."
Takes std greetings cards up to 6"x 7" (15cm x 18cm)
18 cards in 7 pockets
Dimensions when unpacked: 13" x 33" (34cm x 83cm)


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