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Tell An Outrageous Lie: 188 Legal Stimulants to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
By Mandy Wheeler & James de Ville

Tell An Outrageous Lie is a book of beginnings. A hand held bundle of intriguing, mischievous suggestions to get you writing, drawing, telling stories, making movies, or just staring out of the window and pondering in an interesting way. Produced by writer Mandy Wheeler and designer James de Ville, this beautifully designed pocket book aims to stimulate curiousity and to banish boredom. It contains no lessons, no research, no acronyms, no tests, no ‘tips’ - just a bunch of ideas and images to give your imagination a shove. 

Tell An Outrageous Lie invites you to look more closely at the world and to ponder the mass of stories that run through everyday life. It also suggests you might like to to consider the consequences of an ill-fated fortune cookie (page 24), to open the Book of Lost Ideas (page 89), or to draft your application letter to the Association of Space Explorers (page 102).  (In truth there are no page numbers; getting lost is part of the fun).

Pocket sized and very good looking, this quirky book is an excellent travelling companion, an ideal gift, a perfect conversation starter or, perhaps, the beginning of your next novel. Anyone can have fun with this book. There are no entry requirements for being imaginative, we can all do it. All we need is a little inspiration and a nudge to help us see things differently. And that is exactly what this book provides. 


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