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LightWedge Hardback
The perfect portable companion for any reader


A pane of crisp white light illuminates only the page you are reading. That's the simple idea behind LightWedge... No glare. No stray light to disturb others.

Just rest it on the page and read. You can now do so in comfort- in bed, on a plane, in your car, when camping, on your boat, on the beach, even in the bath. It also doubles as a neat bookmark.

The brilliant simple design is thin and lightweight (207g) and includes a single touch control with two brightness settings. The two cool LEDs are guaranteed to last the life of your LightWedge, which uses optical quality plexi-glass.

6 3/4" x 9 x 1/4" size fits any book

"A Little Light Reading"
Heavy readers and light sleepers often make strained bedfellows. Now technology has given us LightWedge, a sleek alternative to those dorky little book lamps. Illuminated by a strip of bright LEDs, the thin pane of plastic sits flat over the pages of any standard hardcover and enables bookworms to read in a dark bedroom, on airplanes, on trains or anywhere else without disturbing others nearby.
(Time Magazine, June 16, 2003)

There is also a version to fit Paperbacks.

Lightwedge Hardback accessories include:
Original Soft Case - buy on website
AAA Batteries (x4) - not supplied

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